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Flying to Cingjing Farm.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon without a trouble in the air.  Blue skies with perfectly formed white cumulus clouds and the sun shining right above our heads. We had gotten a new tandem glider, called DUAL.  to test from Bruce Goldsmith Design and we were about to do just that.

Map of Cross Country flight Happy people

Karlis had his friend Cassie in town to do some flying together. This flight wasn’t your any-day flying but a longer cross country trip. Something out of ordinary, something no-one else has done here in Puli, Taiwan. It was the first time any pilot had gone on a long tandem flight in the area.The plan was to fly all the way to  Cingjing farm.

Puli cross country flight Paragliding in Clouds in Taiwan

Once strapped in and ready, they took off for a flight that ended up being just perfect. With  strong thermals going over 7 m/s and reaching as high as 2700 meters above  sea level, it was smooth sailing. The flight took the pilot and his passenger in and out of the clouds for the 30 odd kilometers from the take-off to the farm.

pointing to the landing zone Paragliding 

They landed on a hillside where they were very warmly greeted by a local farmer.  After packing up the glider, they headed down the road to hitch-hike back to Puli.

It was a truly amazing flight.

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