Acro Paragliding in Taiwan

Tim has set out to take his flying to the next level and really focus on his acrobatic flying! So, he got himself a glider that is designed to do just that- ACRO. The glider has super cool name NIKITA¬†2, just like the old TV series. So far we’ve only given it a few test runs in Puli, Taiwan. It’s a super-quick, agile glider – definitely fun to fly!

Taiwan doesn’t have many pilots flying acrobatics. However, it’s a popular discipline abroad. So, introducing acrobatic flying to Taiwan by spreading awareness and finding suitable takeoff spots is a priority. After all, the more the merrier!

Using a wing like this to it’s full potential requires a good flying site, preferably a high start with water below. So, the search for an acro spot in Taiwan starts now! Hopefully updates soon!


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