Five months in Nepal


Spending five month in Nepal, Pokhara was quite a blast. I did so many flights, that I couldn’t imagine ever doing more in such a short period of time. I took 340 people to the sky, sharing with them something I love so much. And in the evenings for the last three months of my stay I went up to the hill for one or two times a day to practice Acro. I got myself a nice freestyle glider – F-Gravity and a Acro harness from Ava Sports.


It worked for me just perfect! Loved the glider it was so forgiving and so willing to let me progress as fast as I could. And in the short time I spent there I did a good progression, learning new tricks MacTwist, Misty, Dynamic Stall, Helico SAT to Heli, Spin to Heli. I know that all of these names doesn’t mean much to the non-pilots. But for the ones who wants to come and fly with us in Taiwan, this means hell of a lot more fun in the sky.. If you have the stomach for it!

I also did something called Drop Bag, basically I jumped out of a tandem paraglider with my F-Gravity packed and ready to deploy. Check out the small video I put together!

I’m exited to be back! See you on the mountain top! :)


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