First two Adam's and the very first Tala in Taiwan.

Our new gear from Bruce Goldsmith Design!

We have been very happy to work with such a great company as Bruce Goldsmith Design. They have been really easy to work with and their gliders are something else.

Happy owners

Happy owners, from left Jess with her Adam, Karlis with his Tala, Chris with his Adam.

First thing you would notice is that they are really colorful, chances are there will not be another glider like yours in the sky.

Karlis flying his Tala

Karlis flying his Tala

These gliders are really easy to control on the take-off and they are also easy to fly. The Adams surprised us with it’s glid ratio and speed. For an EN-A glider they have exceptional performance. They will turn real tight in narrow, weak lift and they will stay up just enough to reach that next lift. Landings where also a breath and super safe especially for a beginner pilot this is of most importance.

Here is Jessicas first take off on her very first glider Adam.

A few photos of our Bruce Goldsmith Design gliders Adam and Tala.

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