Meet our Pilots

Kārlis Jaunpetrovičs

KarlisAge:                29
Country:        Latvia
Flying:          ~200 hours per year.
Training:       Nepal, Taiwan
Does:             Cross Country, Freestyle, Acro
Speaks:         Latvian, Russian, English


Ask me why I’m flying, and I can’t help but crack a huge smile – I love it! I’m addicted to it! Since I started flying in 2012, I have changed everything in my life to be able to fly as much as I possibly can. Six months into flying paragliders, I realized there was nothing else that I wanted to do, or could make me as happy as flying does. I’m happiest when I am up in the clouds alternating between peaceful, silent flights and astonishing, aerobatic moves. Flying in the early evening breeze, close to the treetops is a feeling that I believe is unrivaled. This is why I went to Nepal where I could fly in the Himalayas together with some of the world’s greatest pilots, all the while learning and improving both my cross country and aerobatic skills. Now, I’m back in my beloved Taiwan to share the joy of flight with anyone who dares. This is why I founded Outdoors Taiwan.


Tim Stahl

Pilot TimAge:                26
Country:         USA
Flying:          ~150 hours per year.
Training:        Taiwan, Nepal, USA
Does:              Acro, Freestyle, Cross Country
Speaks:          English, Mandarin, Spanish


Flying is my childhood dream realized. In middle school, my friends and I built a parachute out of old tarps and used an ATV to get it airborne. After university, I obtained my private pilot’s license and flew small planes in the USA. In 2010, I moved to Taiwan and it wasn’t as easy to fly planes, so I picked up paragliding as an alternative in early 2011. Since, then, my other hobbies have been slowly replaced because nothing really compares to paragliding. I mean, using something the size of a backpack to go from the ground to a cloud is magic!  The air even smells different in a cloud! I am lucky to have learned from some really great pilots in Nepal and the USA. I think that’s really important – always learning, always improving. There’s something unique about each flying location. I love living in Taiwan and flying with my best friends, so luckily, the whole country is basically a mountain range. There’s so much free-flying potential here, and I want to share that with people. That’s why I co-founded Outdoors Taiwan.